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LED outdoor screen
Add Time:2020-06-23 01:03:00
LED outdoor screen

PH series is a new type of light and simple outdoor fixed display screen. It can be widely used in various fields, including city square, commercial pedestrian street, various transportation hub and other places. It adopts safe and reliable whole machine design and abandons the bulky and rigid traditional iron box. PH series integrates the advantages of all existing outdoor display products and is an ideal choice for outdoor large-scale digital advertising board.

Breaking wall innovation, technology integration! PH light and strong, good and save, is a super cost-effective outdoor fixed LED display! PH's advantages can be summed up in 8 words: strong, light, thin, easy, flexible, tough, bright and smart.
Strong: the whole machine is installed with higher security and firmer installation than the traditional module screen. Pull aluminum profile assembly frame, light, light and durable.

  • light: Based on the traditional box, the design is improved, with large size, light weight and redundancy elimination. Compared with the traditional die-casting box, it is about 10kg / m2 lighter, compared with the traditional iron box, it is about 45kg / m2 lighter
  • Thin: Based on the traditional box, the design is improved. The thickness of the box is only 86mm, 22mm less than that of the traditional die-casting box and 89mm less than that of the traditional iron box.
  • Easy: the first mock exam module is maintained and the module is maintained. Independent central control, power supply and signal modularization.
  • flexible: in addition to the standard 1000X1000mm box size, it extends to 1000X500, 500x1000, 500x500mm and other sizes, which can be installed according to the occasion.
  • Tough: IP65 high protection makes the box stable in any weather conditions.
  • bright: high brightness, high refresh rate and high contrast. The box can also present high-definition and excellent smooth picture quality under high-intensity sunlight.
  • Smart: DMS global display monitoring system realizes intelligent remote control of display screen. Online real-time understanding of working status. The light control sensor can automatically adjust brightness day and night. Truly make users feel free and at ease!
Since its establishment, PCF has been pursuing technological innovation, excellence and customer satisfaction. Once launched, pH series has won the favor of many customers, and won several orders for the company before it was officially released. The launch of pH is also the embodiment of PCF's vision. With the first-class product quality, we can bring the best effect to our customers, spread the splendor and deliver the visual feast. Shijue is willing to promote the continuous development of China's science and technology with innovation and strength, and actively help to create a world card of "value China, eternal reputation"!